Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost and found - memory card reader

This morning I finally found my cameras memory card reader, which has been missing few days or a week already... so now I can show some pictures :)

Here is my Psalm 145:

With flash

And same without flash..

Since my 5 years old son is very much into his Nintendo Ds and Super Kirby, on Monday I decided to do a little bag for him and his game. So this is what happened:

First I took a piece of white aida and draw Kirby...

Then some stitching with his name

And finally - the bag..My sewing skills are not very good, I still need a LOT of practice...
The stitched Kirby-part is also a pocket, and inside a bag is also an another small pocket. After one day of using this bag it already looks like it has been used years with all stains in it :) LOL. But I'm glad my son really loves it and carries it with him all the time...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Serenade in Pink

Time really flies! Was it really on January, when I last wrote something here??
But still i don't have much to show. On January we were away from town for a week, and after two weeks at home, we travelled again - for 2 weeks this time.

So we just came back Saturday evening. W e though, that we would go also a little vacation after a "business trip", but we all were sick. We still went to that lovely island for 5 days, but were ok only 2,5 of those days. We enjoyed the ocean and clear water, snorkeling etc.. And cause trip was very "watery and sandy" I didn't get any stitching to do..

I have only something small to show.. Before our trip I started a birthday present for my Mom, who loves birds.. Serenade in Pink