Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year with LHN

I started this year with two LHN's models, Holly&Berries (which I finished 2 days ago) and Psalm 145, which I started yesterday. This is my first time using Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye works threads.. So far, I'm enjoying :)

Today I haven't stitched any, ' cause I've been preparing food for my family and put it in to freezer. Tomorrow night I'm travelling away for 5 days. Alone. It's first time since I got married..and had kids... Veeeery scary!!! I know they are doing just fine here at home and we are meeting at the capital city next Monday.. But I don't know how I'm gonna survive without them!?! :)


Nancy in IL said...

Let me be the first to tell you that you have a lovely blog! The ornaments are all darling even if they have a thing missing here & there. The Angel of Dreams was quite an undertaking. I would have a lot of trouble letting that go for a gift after so much time spent on it. Hollies and Berries is gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on Psalm 145, which I have kitted and ready to stitch. I'm trying to finish another LHN; also a CCN before starting another project. I need another pair of hands, lol!

Susieq said...

I am a member of the LHN group, and want to welcome you there. Your stitching is wonderful, and the Angel is breathtaking on black. It makes all the colors so pretty.

Milly~ said...

Hello Kirsi, so nice having you with us at the LHN/CCN group. I love your Holly & Berries design too.