Monday, February 16, 2009

Serenade in Pink

Time really flies! Was it really on January, when I last wrote something here??
But still i don't have much to show. On January we were away from town for a week, and after two weeks at home, we travelled again - for 2 weeks this time.

So we just came back Saturday evening. W e though, that we would go also a little vacation after a "business trip", but we all were sick. We still went to that lovely island for 5 days, but were ok only 2,5 of those days. We enjoyed the ocean and clear water, snorkeling etc.. And cause trip was very "watery and sandy" I didn't get any stitching to do..

I have only something small to show.. Before our trip I started a birthday present for my Mom, who loves birds.. Serenade in Pink

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